Cuckold sex in UK

Cuckold sex in UK often involve the wife (also know as a hotwife) who has sex with other men (sometimes of different race). Some cuckold couples go as far as the wife accidentally or intentionally get impregnated by the other men, who are called Bulls or Alpha-males.

There are several types of Cuckold sex in UK. It can range from the wife having affairs with other men and coming back home to tell her husband all about it, to more extreme cuckold sex where the husband is humiliated publicly while other men have sex with his wife in front of him, and much more.

Usually the hotwife will have sex with a bull that is much more endowed than her husband (the cuck). With most cuckold swingers, humiliation plays a big part in cuckolding, some wives even make their husbands a sex slave for both herself and her lover. After the full sexing of the wife by the “Alpha male” it is usually customary for the husband to clean up the wife orally once the Alpha male has ejaculated on her or in her (also known as creampie). The husband must do a good job licking up the semen deposited by the Alpha male, even sometimes forced to perform oral sex on his wife’s lover while they both make fun of him and take photos.

Surprisingly, it is fairly easy to arrange a cuckold sex session. Cuckolding is very popular in the UK, you’ll find lots of willing couples and Alpha-males or bulls to participate. All you need is to check out one of the UK swingers sites like and you