Dogging in the UK

Dogging is an English slang term used by swingers in the UK for engaging in public sex, usualy in lay-bys beside busy highways, car parks in country parks and forests, secluded beaches, and service stations on motorways.

Dogging in the UK is a huge fad, and is spreading all over the world, including the United States, Canada, Ireland, Australia, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Swingers in Europe now are more into Dogging than the UK swingers. There are even stories of swingers in Asia joining the dogging trend.

Dogging involves a swinging couple notifying a bunch of random people on a UK swingers site that they are going to a car park or forrest to bone in their car. While the couple is having sex, this group of strangers gathers around the car, watches through the windows, and masturbates. and if the car door is open, it’s a signal for them to join in, then the real fun begins.

Dogging in the UK is similar to porn, only instead of watching it on your computer or television, you watch it live through a car window or even participating.

Doggers in the UK love having sex with strangers, and will often visit different locations looking for different people. Dogging is one of the biggest fantasies for Kinky swingers.

If you’re curious about Dogging in the Uk and want to give it a try, then here are some locations for you to visit and experience it for yourself.

Dogging locations in ENGLAND