Swingers Parties in UK

Swingers parties in UK used to only cater for middle-aged couples wife-swapping, keys in the bowl type swingers parties. There are still lots of UK swingers clubs for the regular swingers, but there are now more variety in swingers parties catering for every fetish or fantasy. There are many BDSM clubs in uk to cater for the kinky UK swingers.

Over the last decade, a new breed of UK swinger party organizers have sprung up to offer slick sex parties where open-minded couples and single girls can enjoy no-strings sex without being surrounded by old creeps.

They cater for the “new generation swingers” – young, hedonistic party people, who want to explore their desires and live out their wildest fantasies.

We’re talking about the new swingers parties in UK like Kinky Salon, Killing Kittens, Fever Parties and London Inner Circle. These parties are by invitation only. Guests are vetted to make sure everyone is under 40 (or at least look young – These days some couples in their 50s look in their 30s), and good looking and there are more women than men. The girls are usually bisexual – or at least bi-curious – and absolutely stunning. They are often foreigners – with a lot from Eastern Europe, Brazil, South American and the US.

Swingers parties in UK normally start off with Guests making small talk over cocktails and everyone is checking each other out. Then, after a few hours, all hell breaks loose and there’s naked bodies everywhere.

Some swingers parties have their signature specialty. Fever Parties always have the club’s signature “Big Bed” which almost always turn out into the orgy bed. Kinky Salon parties are fancy dress. Killing Kittens have their Fetish room. London Inner Circle have many bi girls. But other swinger parties just have mattresses on the floor and bowls of condoms.

If you’re curious about check one of these parties, then we recommend one of the following. They are the best swingers parties in the UK. Check them out and let us know what you think.