Dogging locations in Berkshire

Dogging Locations in Ascot

Virginia Waters, near Ascot popular with couples during the summer. There is action on the walks along the banks and a beach that has some nude sunbathers on it. Also check Valley Gardens on the North Bank of the main lake.

Dogging Locations in Maidenhead

  • Maidenhead Thicket car-park which is used occasionally by couples and singles, although this is mainly a gay/bi area.

Dogging Locations in Newbury

  • Greenham Common, lots of laybys for evening fun, best in the summer just as it gets dark.

Dogging Locations in Reading

  • Prospect park in Reading just off Tilehurst road. This site is very popular with couples day and night in the car park’s and woodland. The toilets by the Children’s play ground are mainly gay and TV area’s but some couples show off here late at night.
  • Two locations in Woodley, near Reading. One a small carpark near the Aviation Museum just off Bader Way. The second is a carpark as you head towards Tyford in a park area. Mainly couples along with a few singles in cars wanting to be watched. Dusk is a good time.

Dogging Locations in Sandhurst

  • Ambarrow Court between Crowthorne & Sandhurst on the A321 Wokingham Road. Activity all day, so unlikely to be disapponited – come prepared. Note: Look out for Taxis with their fares!

Dogging Locations in Slough

  • Black Park on the Slough to Uxbridge Road is a good site for couples. Also see Strawberry Wood in Black Park. Both of these car-parks are popular with doggers with action happening both in the parks and also and in the lanes surrounding the parks. Night time only.
  • Church Lane just off Stoke Poges Lane, a large unlit car park great for car fun. Couples seen bonking like wild animals – best time 10pm onward 7 days a week.

Dogging Locations in Thatcham

  • Good Dogging in the woods overlooking Thatcham on the back road to Bucklebury/Chapel Row.

Dogging Locations in Twyford

  • Twyford station car park, after dark. It started with a few couples, but now growing very popular. Don’t worry about the CCTV because it’s only 1 camera not viewing carpark area.

Dogging Locations in Windsor

  • Windsor Great Parks. A large car-park on left from Windsor, and the last car-park on the right. Both are good during the day.
  • Next to Windsor Racecourse in the park by the River Thames just past Windsor Lad pub. It’s OK for couples, occasional TVs late night along riverbank.

Dogging Locations in Hungerford

  • Good quiet location. Weekends best time

Dogging Locations in Iver

  • Court lane in Iver down the bottom of the lane next to the Brokand Down the little unmade lane

Dogging Locations in Maidenhead

  • Braywick Park is a great place for dogging, singles mainly meeting up for experiences,
  • little cul de sac with discreet garages great for couples and singles fairly new site but growing in popularity..reccommended

Dogging Locations in Streatley

  • Good couples in cars in Car park at the top of Streatley Hill overlooking the goring gap.

Dogging Locations in Hermitage

  • Great scenic location, quiete uninterupted dogging, popular with younger doggers, needs old members to satisfy all dogging needs

Dogging Locations in Wraysbury

  • Ferry Lane as you drive down it splits left take the left turn and it leads down to some old factories and a weir very quiet secluded spot

Wyndhams Pool – Yately

  • Popular little fishing lake that has a tiny car park attached where folk get together, along with fishermen who reckon they are addicted to overnight fishing, but we know better!