Dogging locations in Essex

Dogging Locations in Barkingside

  • Fairlop Water, Barkingside Essex. There are two car-parks. Car-park one (close to the pub) is good after 8/9 pm and this park closes around 11.30 pm. Car-park 2 is good for mid-day sex. Closes around 6pm.

Dogging Locations in Basildon

  • Langdon Hills Country Park. Park outside the Church in the road sign posted One Tree Hill (off Dry Street) walk back to Dry Street and up the footpath into the woods. Some gay action at this dogging site, but plenty of wooded area for couples and doggers.

Dogging Locations in Chigwell

  • A small car-park opposite the Camelot Pub in Chigwell. You can often watch couples fucking on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 11pm onwards.

Dogging Locations in Clacton

  • Holland Haven Country Park, situated on the coast between Clacton and Frinton-on-Sea. A big place, but some car fun is to be found with occasional joining in.

Dogging Locations in Colchester

  • Dogging in Colchester can be found at the car-park in Friday Woods on Friday and Saturday nights after 10.30. Quite a few couples in cars.
  • Also, there’s a great dogging site at a place called Cudmore Grove, on Mersea Island.
  • On the A120 between Colchester and Braintree. Going towards Braintree on the A120 go past the third turning on the left to Coggeshall then look for a white P on a blue background sign, Lay by unseen from road as is behind trees, action all the time, mostly gay, but some couples for dogging at night.

Dogging Locations in Danbury Ford

  • The long grass has been mowed recently but still an active dogging site. Follow road out of Boreham Village towards Danbury, on back road about 1 mile after bridge over river, turn left where signposted to FORD, half a mile down on right, park up, walk into field, go down to bottom, hang around for a while, and have fun.

Dogging Locations in Hainault Forest and Country Park

  • There are two car parks here but the furthest one is where all the dogging happens. Also, people leave their cars & go into the woods for action too.

Dogging Locations in Hutton

  • Church Road, Hutton off Hanging Hill Lane and Hall Green Lane. Opposite the church itself, there is parking for about 4 cars with a footpath and some woods right on the edge of the parking area. Great action for voyeurs some nights.

Dogging Locations in Leigh-on-Sea

  • In the bushes off the bridleway on the edge of Belfairs Park Golf Course. Most weekend evenings in the summer. Mainly straight but some gay. Very open and friendly for dogging.
  • Behind Leigh-on-Sea station via side road is a large amount of parking by the sea wall (not the station car-park) or further down over narrow bridge is tarmac parking by the boat slipway.
  • (Similar to above but…) Leigh Marshes – just behind Leigh-on-Sea Station. Go to 2 tree island, past the golf range, over the bridge. Car park on left, and opposite this car park. Walk to the furthest bird hide, amongst the many bushes and undergrowth.

Dogging Locations in Romford

  • Halfway House on A127 between Romford and Southend. A fantastic dogging site, with action all the time. Going towards Southend from Romford, approx 10m on left, look for a pub called The Halfway House, turn into their car park, drive past the front and out onto lane on right, turn left onto lane and almost immediately on left park on road, go into field and walk around, won’t be long before you encounter some dogging action. This site is actually part of Thorndon Country Park, so look out for dog walkers etc., but most people are there for the same reason as you, so go on, have loads of fun.

Dogging Locations in Witham

  • In the bushes and trees by the disused toilet on the Chelmsford end of Witham – ?very active most nights, mostly gay but some couples too.

Dogging Locations in Berwick woods

  • car park is unlocked all night and is absolutely dead at night so fill your boots people
  • Discrete car park and nearby woods and fields very quiet and lots of places to be unseen, many gay and bi guys walking dogs and having fun in the long grass during summer days.

Dogging Locations in Bradwell church

  • turn off A120 by the swan pub follow road n just past church on left u find a lay by on right plenty of walks there with secluded area`s were plenty of couples and gay guys go day or night… if looking for a good time with a well hung guy then I’m there most day for the ladies or couples

Dogging Locations in Brentwood

  • Childerditch car park off Childerditch lane. Near Thonton Park. Weekdays and weekends.
  • Lincolns lane half way down is a dirt track well used by couples for sex in cars not always doggers so go careful at first till you get a signal Lincolns lane is between weald road and Coxtie green road not far from boot sale at Noak hill

Dogging Locations in Brick Fields, Cranham

  • In the woods near mainline railway line…newish scene but couples and bi/curious/gay in recent weeks putting on show…towards rear of woods usually in middle usually from 10.30am – 3pm.Parking in main field and walk down footpath till see the rail line and walk left towards the thickly wooded area.

Dogging Locations in Broaks Wood, Halstead

  • Couples fucking, Friday & Saturday nights, after 10.30, good, private spot
  • between Halstead and Gosfield.

Dogging Locations in Bulphan

  • Set back off the main road this is a very busy spot for bi gay and straight fun. Turn left opposite plough motel and follow road round until past last house on left. It is a through road which joins back onto A128 but lots of stopping places and bushes for outdoor fun. Lots of evidence of fun here as in clothing mags etc.

Dogging Locations in Upminister

  • If you park in the car park and walk the path on the right, action goes in the first wooded area you come to. Been quiet the last few weeks due to the weather, but action had been picking up lately. Best times are around 4-6pm all days. There has been some daytime weekend action, but not lately, so would give that a miss.
  • Cely Wood is a DAYTIME site, Have to be careful when the schools break up. Park in the car park, follow the path to the right and loiter in the wooded area. Mainly couples though, no bi or gay.
  • The barriers on the car park are locked at night so no access to car park for vehicles plus it has height restriction in place.

Dogging Locations in Earles Colne

  • Follow the a120 past Coggeshall going towards Colchester till you come to the cross roads of Earles Colne and Coggeshall turn left towards Earles Colne and follow the road to the end. Turn right and take your very next left this turning is concealed as its on a bend if you have gone under the bridge you have gone to far. Once you have turned right you will be driving for a short while in a residential area don’t worry you have only got a few more yards till you see a sign saying Chalkney Woods follow up the single track road which will lead you to a large well covered and enclosed car park this road is a little bumpy but don’t worry good point with this site is that you can see other vehicles approaching with out them knowing you are already there. Well hidden but a great site. Used quite a lot for dog walkers during the day but at night there is action

Dogging Locations in Childerditch

  • Its worth mentioning that both these sites are mostly gay. Also the authorities are very aware of the sites and actively policed. This is mainly due to it being a large and popular country park for families and dog walkers. There have been numerous incidents reported of doggers actively and at times aggressively harassing non dogging members of the public. Boy racers also meet at the Chiderditch car park and often anti-gay graffiti can be seen at the site.

Dogging Locations in Chingford plains

  • Behind the Queen Elizabeth hunting lodge. Can get busy but needs more couples and single females.
  • Turn into rangers road from Epping new road. Go past the pub on the right. Turn right then it’s about 500 yards on the right.

Dogging Locations in Fort East Tilbury

  • after dark this place comes alive with public shows check it out. in the day it is quit busy with tourists

Dogging Locations in Coggeshall

  • Trees have all been cut back. Not sure that the gay dogging there still continues. Be extra careful.

Dogging Locations in Colchester

  • along the bridge by Abberton reservoir most nights

Dogging Locations in Danbury Ford

  • Just with in the last few weeks, all the trees have been cut down by the local land owner!!!! So the scope for fun has been cut down big time!!!! Manly gay, but some times couples…Happy Hunting

Dogging Locations in Epping forest

  • 17/3/2011–first parking area heading towards Theydon bois. Like Piccadilly circus as in cars in and out constantly once dark. Even had people walk up to my van and look in hoping for action! Definitely the place to be and forest is well secluded. The further you go in the more discreet. I jog naked there every night and want some action! So come on boys and join me?
  • Head towards Theydon Bois from Wake Arms roundabout first parking area on left. Park up and discretely go in to forest mainly Gay and Bi most fun around midday and early evening but be careful of horse riders !

Dogging Locations in Tollshunt Darcy

  • weekends five, lakes car park, couples & single action both nights

Dogging Locations in Grays Davy Down

  • opposite the traveller site, and by Sainsbury’s, very active Friday and Saturday nights after dark. warning during the day used by dog walkers, so be careful where you tread
  • The main car park is never closed. It’s small but nobody around after dark. There are 2 entrances and both take u straight in. Just head towards Ockendon from Sainsbury’s roundabout. Both entrances on left.

Dogging Locations in Halfway House

  • Regulars at Halfway House have experienced boy racers driving up and down the road throwing items out of the cars and racing off, this has been increasing lately so be careful when visiting apart from that still regular action!

Dogging Locations in Halow

  • head out of Harlow by Harlow station on the 414 Hertford bound about half mile on your left there’s a small parking place by the river nice and quiet day or nigh times
  • The car park outside the Range, from midnight onwards. Lots of ladies flashing and couples.

Dogging Locations in Harold Hill Romford

  • Harold court rd Harold Hill under the railway bridge turn left in the car park either stay in car or go 4 a walk along the path in the woods from 9 am till 2 pm then after 7 pm car park shuts at 9,30 lots going on great 4 first timers

Dogging Locations in Hawkwell

  • A secluded car park just past the Clements Hall round about on the left up a long road going to Edwards Hall Park, off the main road going into Hockley, being as it is a newish location there is not much activity at the moment, but it is an excellent location for dogging, so get up there and get dogging, and maybe I will see you up there sometime

Dogging Locations in Henny

  • As head to Sudbury turn left after Henny Swan Pub .1/4 mile secluded beet patches. Couples.

Dogging Locations in Chelmsford

  • On the roundabout coming out of Chelmsford going to the A130 take the Howe green exit (one before A130) then immediately left into small turning. There are houses near the bottom of this dead end, but on Sundays at about 10.30 women and men head to the middle of this little road for some action. See you there!

Dogging Locations in Leigh marshes

  • update about Leigh marshes. Cars of youths trying to block the bridge with traffic cones, when you get out to move them they try to jump you, so keep an eye out.

Dogging Locations in Loughton

  • car park on the right between Loughton and Epping new road. My wife and i go there most Saturday nights having fun. Mostly single guys, so offer more couples and females. Good fun though.

Dogging Locations in Magnolia Park

  • Behind the park, the nature reserve is discreet and perfect for meets…..

Dogging Locations in Manningtree

  • on the small beach, mostly older guys, quiet sometimes , but ive been picked up there twice

Dogging Locations in Old Sainsbury’s car park in Stanway

  • many couples play there

Dogging Locations in Essex

  • follow the road all the way to Paglesham, when you reach the Plough & Sail pub turn left, follow the unmade road down to the boatyard car park and just park up anywhere, the car park is the place to be for car fun, for outdoor fun leave the car and walk back up the lane, just past the little parking area on the right is a gate with barb wire just undo the chain and walk in(but be very discreet when entering and re shut the gate),the area is very secluded and wooded with bushes and is surrounded by a little river so its very private and totally great for outdoor fuck fun, or go through the boatyard and there’s lots of sea wall to the right off the black shed(be aware the sea wall area is heavily walked by bird watchers}, a happy few people use this location, just be polite to the boatyard people(you can just walk through the boatyard to the sea wall with no problems as its a public right of way).

Dogging Locations in Petches Bridge

  • Petches bridge, near Finchingfield, Braintree

Dogging Locations in Pike Lane, Upminster

  • Off St Marys lane just after the Thatched House Pub (coming from Upminster)there are a few pull in lay-bys. Couples and some bi/gay action…

Dogging Locations in Rettendon

  • (its on the old a130 road there are two stopping areas use the larger one park your car walk in to the field a little bit down the road the are some old pill boxes witch can come in use when getting hot and dirty

Dogging Locations in South Woodham Ferrers

  • Rugby club car park The only time this car park is used by the general public is on Sat and Sun. All through the week it is a hive of activity for the local dogging community. To get to the site you need to follow signs for the de ferrers centre off of the a130 and the rugby club is 5 minutes from here (look out for the sign advertising for new players)

Dogging Locations in Southend

  • temple farm industrial estate Southend rugby club car park very quiet

Dogging Locations in Spencers Farm Shop – Caravan park

  • Loads of people pull in at the Spencer’s farm shop caravan area in Wickham St.Pauls, Essex. just before you get to Sudbury. generally between 8pm and 11pm on a Friday or Saturday night. mostly straight action.

Dogging Locations in Stansted

  • Been told the first lay by after the Stansted turnoff on A120 heading towards Dunmow/Braintree. Mostly gay dogging site. Head into the bushes above the lay by. Be careful main road!

Dogging Locations in The Chase, Eastbrookend Country Park

  • seen plenty of action here drive down as if your going to cemetery but stop anywhere on l/h side before cemetery you will see plenty of action. getting better all the time. I have noticed that Thursady & Friday nights are the best, however u do seem to get a few stragglers during the week. You just got to try your luck. Best time for this is between 5pm-5am give it a shot

Dogging Locations in Tiptree

  • Tiptree Heath. Many couples on Friday and Saturday nights

Dogging Locations in Tolleshunt Major

  • Field at the rear of the Bell Pub

Dogging Locations in Victoria park Laindon

  • good for couples gays most nights park in four seasons car park gross road and into park

Dogging Locations in Waltham abbey

  • picnic area part of lea valley nature reserve on main trunk road from waltham cross just past holdbrook estate. great for ladies to flash and in car fun through the day/

W Dogging Locations in alton on the Naze

  • The old customs tower car park on the naze at Walton. Action takes place in the bushes most days, gay and straight.

Dogging Locations in Wansted park

  • Wansted park behind the Wansted flats starting of the Alderbrook avenue on you right near the football ground, great action there, couples, guys, gays

Dogging Locations in Wickford

  • Go down station avenue to the very end passing the station. At the end of the road pass through the gap in the hedge into the field. cross the first field turn left after the gap into the second field you will come to gap into woods, its used for meets, good hunting.