Dogging locations in Kent

Dogging Locations in Broadstairs

  • Joss Bay, near Broadstairs is very good late evening. Lots of dogging action viewing here.

Dogging Locations in Chilham

  • The car park at entrance to Chilham-toilet which is open all night. Some gays, some couples.

Dogging Locations in Dover

  • The car-park on top of the cliffs, overlooking Eastern Docks. At night, go past the toll booth and take the left up into coach park. Good dogging and exhibitionism and nice views too!

Dogging Locations in Isle of Sheppey

  • Leysdown Naturist s beach and car park. Drive onto the Isle of Sheppy. Follow signs to Leysdown. Through town, follow the coast road until it appears to end. Turn left down the unmade road. Over the hump. Park up. Over the grass bank is the naturist beach. Both the beach and car park can get “interesting” later in the day.

Dogging Locations in Maidstone

  • Cobtree Manor Country Park near Maidstone. Used to be very good last year then went quiet due to the boys in blue. But it is now becoming very active again. It is also a good gay cruising spot.

Dogging Locations in Oxleas Woods

  • In the car park near the cafe in Oxleas Woods, which is the top of shooters hill. Directions are as follows for those who do not know the area, look on Multimap and type in Kenilworth Gardens (Greenwich) which is off Shooters Hill, on the South East London/Kent Borders. Turn left into Kenilworth Gardens and left again down the drive to the car park. Best suggestion is to park on the far left hand side, on the grass area which is just off the car park, near the wooded area. Good couples dogging action here, a well kept secret (until now!). The carpark near the cafe on Shooters Hill is closed at night, although the one further down is OK, with entrance next to Woods/School.

Dogging Locations in Rochester

  • Lay-by just before the new bypass on Gravesend Road near Strood, the A226. Action most nights after 11pm.

Dogging Locations in Shooters Hill

  • The first car park up Shooters Hill from Greenwich (Oxleas Woods, see above for full info). Some couples having daytime affairs.

Dogging Locations in Shoreham Woods

  • Shoreham woods near Junction 4 of M25 is a good place, fairly quiet but some couples action. Shoreham woods ( Brown picnic signs ) located off A224. Leave M25 @ J4 up to first r/bout, sharp left on to A224 to Halstead/Badgers Mount. 2 miles to first r/bout, turn left into small country lane. Shoreham woods on right set back off road. If you end up going back under M25 you have missed it! During the day this is a well frequented “normal” picnic site with kids & couples really walking their dogs etc. However by night this has got to be the best Kent dogging site! It is set back off the road, so main beam brigade have to negotiate a winding approach road which does not illuminate the whole area as there are loads of recessed parking bays. There are woods nearby for the outdoor types who like their dogging action au natural. Even picnic benches so you can avoid the damp grass! A Doggers paradise.

Dogging Locations in St. Mildred’s & Westbrook

  • Beach car-park between St. Mildreds & Westbrook. Participation with dogging couples there sometimes.

Dogging Locations in CANTERBURY

  • new site, A2 towards Canterbury, slip road to Canterbury, over lights, big white house on the left, drive onto drive, gates on right shut but not locked open and drive through to yard. Still very new but have met a couple of guy’s there.

Dogging Locations in Ashford

  • Kingswood challock 7pm most nights starting to get really busy fri night
  • Singlton Lake Car Park for all your dogging needs
  • Kingswood challock picking up after 8

Dogging Locations in Beltinge

  • quite few couples close to the sand cliffs directions go down Reculver rd heading towards Reculver drive past the shops on your right as you get to the bend in the road there is a little road on the left take the left and drive to the bottom to the car park

Dogging Locations in Kent

  • very quiet out of town area lots of area trees etc recommended

Dogging Locations in Faversham

  • From Canterbury on A2 towards Faversham come to roundabout and take the first left this is Brenley lane, can park up either side. Day and night fun, seen men and women solo and couples regular meetings. Good for voyeurs, male and female.

Dogging Locations in Bromley

  • hello everyone if anybody interesting good dogging is Norman park, Bromley common, one of the greatest place good fucking and area is very safe

Dogging Locations in Canterbury

  • Down near the pizza express there is a side road, near the hotel. Go take that side road (by foot) and you’ll come to a car park, go to the end of the car park and turn right, ACTION DAY AND NIGHT.

Ca Dogging Locations in Dover

  • Please note that due to complaints from local residents that this car park is under observance from the police.(Source is from a local town councillor who is a friend of mine).

Dogging Locations in Challok

  • starting to pick up again, worth a visit

Dogging Locations in Maidstone

  • Cobtree in Maidstone.

Dogging Locations in Crown Wye

  • a good place a lot of action after 10 on Fridays and Saturdays.

Dogging Locations in Higham

  • hang around the middle of lane loads of fun at night in woods and around the field its out of the way from people as well.

Dogging Locations in Dartford Heath

  • Kent Highway Services and Dartford Borough Council are looking to put in measures with regard to the on road parking situation. It is to do with congestion and safety and general inconsiderate parking. Clear up your parking, and they won’t start with other measures to control the activities in the area. Your friendly Highways Officer
  • Dartford heath near the dump there’s a football playing field with parking. And on road side. Goes on in woods mainly male would be better if more females went. Careful of the police.
  • Straights looking for action are being treated aggressively by local chavs, who think everyone there is looking for gay action. Be careful!

Dogging Locations in Detling

  • Lay by off A249 heading towards Sheerness, just after Garage on left – follow signs to Aerodrome industrial estate, always some action there at night after 10pm. busier now since Cobtree closed.
  • Detling is great you get cd’s and they like to be touched and sucked some real good fun lay-by just past the garage heading towards sheerness
  • very good late at night, some couples

Dogging Locations in Dungeness

  • by old light house on car park on left…couples and straight guys…
  • go past old lighthouse and pull up on left, only some fishermen quite good after 9 pm 7 days a week…

Dogging Locations in Eureka woods

  • eight acres of woods provided just for adult fun, no police, no kids, no dog walkers, just like-minded people, ten areas for playing in, benches etc , park up at eureka, check-in at reception then stroll thru the woods at your pleasure, lots of nooks n crannies to explore.

Dogging Locations in Folkestone

  • lower Sandgate road good for gays also single women
  • A20 from Cheriton heading towards Ashford first lay by on right just before sharp left, in the woods mainly gays would love to see older women looking for young meat

Dogging Locations in Wouldham

  • Long road along side river. No houses in middle.

Dogging Locations in Hamstreet

  • Hamstreet woods in the summer

Dogging Locations in Herne Bay

  • Memorial Park in the town centre is a good dogging place.. And on the beach front. Late nights 7 days a week.

Dogging Locations in Benaden

  • new just picking up car park open 24/7

Dogging Locations in Holly Hill

  • A very secluded car park at the top off Birling Hill, about a mile from West Malling, Very busy through the day with hikers and dog walkers, but there is occasionally some action during the day. There is always action here at night.

Dogging Locations in Hothfield

  • On the A20 between Ashford and Charing public toilets car park + woods good in evenings weekends all day some gay +straight
  • Hothfield common near Ashford on the A20 3 miles out of Ashford heading towards Maidstone good for gays and some couples

Dogging Locations in Hythe/Seabrook

  • The road along the seafront between Hythe and Seabrook, there’s a well hidden car park up the end, occasional action there at night

Dogging Locations in Cobham

  • The Inn on the lake who is a large (ish) hotel set just off the A2 past Gravesend (Coast bound). behind the hotel are 3 lakes with woods, public have the right of way but rarely see anyone other than the odd angler. just park in a car park at the hotel and go in the lake via the opening gate with “private fishing” on it. pretty dead at day but comes to life after dark. Mainly Couples and watchers

Dogging Locations in Challock

  • Kings wood at Challock a lot of gays but also some couples
  • Unmarked police cars now coming into woods so be careful also using helicopter
  • Now becoming a no go area, police have got a banning order any cars in car park after 10 pm the owners will be nick so go to mountain street Chillham or bombed out church at Eastwell Manor
  • Police are in car park most nights but do not have banning orders on car park mostly gay and boy racers they are after and stopping raves in woods have had action with a few couples in the last week

Dogging Locations in Biggin Hill

  • Public toilets just up form garage and pub just before the airfield dogging all day n glory hole sucking

Dogging Locations in Addington

  • The mad mile is a road called Addington Road, that links Coney Hall to Addington Village, along this road going toward Addington are 2 car parks open 24/7, there are paths that lead up to the forest area’s called Spring Park. This place is used by gay’s and couples for dogging and open air fun. But never during the day ( Unless you are very careful )

Dogging Locations in Maidstone and Cobtree

  • They’ve now closed cobtree at nights to prevent dogging. Think they got fed up as at 10:00 there was a gang bang in the car park where they have a cafe and there were kids around. Only silly fault.
  • from 10pm by lake go in by Willington street

Dogging Locations in Norman park

  • whoever put Norman park as a dogging site was joking its locked up at night with large steel gates.

Dogging Locations in Snodland

  • This is the most active dogging location in Kent (26/08/10), its a very secluded place, surrounded by beautiful countryside with woods directly adjacent to car park for outdoor types! I would advise you only to use this site after 5:00pm on weekdays as you do get school trips etc. during the day. Very good for couples and exhibitionists who like to be watched outdoors, also a gay ‘well more a Bi’ scene developing. Action every weeknight, and all through the day on weekends… its a dead cert!!!

Dogging Locations in Orpington

  • You can get some real good dogging in the Orpington Libray car park as you enter the it theres another road that turns right so you dont go up into to the libray car park but jest before alot of cars pull up there and go for it all night long.good place.

Dogging Locations in pembuury

  • up A21 from tonbridge towards pembury, turn into dislingbury lane on left just before shell garage, car park approx 200yds on left, large wooded area, open from 8.00am till dusk approx 6.00pm some couples, but mostly gays all day plenty off action lots of secluded areas for private fucking etc.

Dogging Locations in maidstone

  • car park by the football pitches in peneden heath,leave m20 @ J7 last exit at roundabout and head towards maidstone then turn right at the next roundabout by notcutts garden centre and the go straight over the next pitches on right hand side and a right turn down to the car park
  • Accessible either from penenden heath or a249 head along pilgrims way there are stopping points at the woods, lots of action daytime in cars parked or take a walk up into woods for more relaxed fun, lots of gays n tv’s, no real action at night for that head up detling to aerodrome

Dogging Locations in rainham

  • motney hill carpark, opposite carpark across road for daytime fun at night in carpark

Dogging Locations in ramsgate

  • car park at bottom of cliff some dogging look out for young people in cars

Dogging Locations in sandwich bay

  • a place called sandwichbay on the sea front its verry good there and no police
  • Loads of action after dark at the far end of the bay just before you get to the princes golf club gate, also daytime fun along towards the point frequented by naturists and doggers.

Dogging Locations in Shedwich

  • Leave Faversham on the A251, about 3 miles on the left you will see a church, turn left immediately past the church and into the car park. Dark and unlit and quiet. During the day older gay/bi guys and at night some couples. Very quiet/private so enjoy. Scoose (Kent)

Dogging Locations in Shoreham Woods

  • Update 8/10 Car park now closed at dusk.
  • Are you sure that this location is still an active dogging spot? Every time I’ve tried it at night the gates are shut and there’s no sign of life. xxdeepdiverxx

Shoreham woods

  • the car park is now lock at dusk,has been for the past two years
  • Shoreham woods now has a gate across the entrance and is closed at night

Dogging Locations in St. Margrets bay

  • Becomming more popular, large carpark over looking the sea

Dogging Locations in detling

  • for a real quiet place popular with all types where serious action can take place go past aerodrome at detling head down hill (towards sittingbourne) and take the first available left (there are a couple of false lefts) this is Chalky road, go up hill n take first right, follow unmade road down to end, some serious action here most nights, ppl meet at aerodrome then head down here for peace n quiet, woods there has many fuck holes in summer, popular with everyone, i have seen rolling orgies going on down there lol

Dogging Locations in strand

  • action every nite after 10pm between strand and riverside park in layby on left

Dogging Locations in teynham

  • come of the a2 at norton cross roads down to the lower road turn left then right under the rail bridge go all the way down past the orchards nice parking place on the left then on the right a bit further on good luck i had some fun in the afternoon 5 ish
  • from a2 take station road at crispins follow to end take right (teynham station) then first left into conyer road, follow down to the church is turning on right at farm follow track, nice secluded car park up there with great views, seen some couples there making out happy to have watchers n fumblers

Dogging Locations in tonbridge

  • great dogging site on saint marys lane in the woods very active
  • Go down brook street past the collage turn down lower haysden lane and turn into the park some people do it at the gate car park if they are locked other wise drive down to the end car park
  • Guys – try the Gents in Calverley Park, Tunbridge Wells – plenty of cock action all through the day

Dogging Locations in University of kent, canterbury

  • eliot footpath, drive up through the car park, campus security tend to leave you alone

Dogging Locations in walmer castle

  • car park or beach opposite
  • Notorious dogging site opposite the castle. Also, a larger one next to it, often closed at night so the action goes to the smaller carpark next door. Normally qite popular.

Dogging Locations in west kingsdown

  • Church Woods near St Edmunds Church plenty of action day and night

Dogging Locations in westerham

  • just before the grass hopper public house layby on the left plenty of action from about 9 onwards ,its better when there are no lorrys in there .
  • Westerham Golf Club. up towards valence school. usually tuesday and friday we all meet up for some naughty sex. Occasionally around 10 of us turn up after football training looking for all kinds of filthy sex and spunking opportunities. More fanny would be greatly welcome!!!!