Dogging locations in Somerset

Dogging Locations in Taunton

  • Priors Park, picnic and car-park on the Blackdowns, about 7 miles out of Taunton along the Corfe Road, turn right at the cross roads and it is on the right. Very discreet for dogging.

Dogging Locations in Yeovil

  • Cartgate services, A303, outside Yeovil, parking, toilets, and a 24 hour cafe!! Mainly bi/gay blokes but the occasional couple do venture there, so a dogging site to check out.

Dogging Locations in Abbots

  • On the cut through road between the A369 Abbots Leigh and the beggar bush lane road, quite and best action in the woods up the path behind the small car park.

Dogging Locations in Bathpool

  • lay-by north of Taunton on A38 truckers always available for fun more females would be great

Dogging Locations in Blackdown hills

  • staple hill car park getting very good no boy racers

Dogging Locations in Bleadon Hill

  • Just up from the Weston Hospital, lay-by on left hand side very open but lots of activity in the after dark hours.

Dogging Locations in Borroe Bridge

  • Lay by on the left towards Taunton, mainly swingers best after midnight

Dogging Locations in Bridgwater

  • Small car park in quiet spot off Dunware lane, close to plum lane. several cars often in there
  • main trunk road, between Bridgwater and Minehead. just over the river bridge turn right. go past the council refuge tip. good place plenty of cover, small copses, to go to be discreet. can park outside and just watch, for anyone interested, you know the signs, used by dog walkers, but lots of space, be discreet, and clean. you will enjoy.

Dogging Locations in Crewkerne

  • West street car park Sunday evenings

Dogging Locations in Dunster-Minehead

  • Travel up the hill to first left at castle into car park, but drop down to hidden car park, nice and dark and loads of cover with trees etc. Plenty of couples venture in here.

Dogging Locations in Frome

  • Lay by on road out of Frome towards Nunny catch Go out of Frome past Sainsbury’s over second roundabout and is the big lay-by just up the road secluded area daytime and night time.

Dogging Locations in Cadbury

  • Brookhampton. Down lane from A303 main road and lay by is great for dogging.

Dogging Locations in Quantocks

  • On Quantock hills pines cafe towards Bishops Lydeard car park on left real good…

Dogging Locations in Puriton

  • A discreet car park just after lay by on the right. Very secluded and good actin in evenings

Dogging Locations in Petherton

  • mainly bi/ gay guys a good site to check out at anytime

Dogging Locations in Staple Hill

  • staple hill on the Blackdowns very big car park there is a couple to choose from very interesting secluded and can be busy worth a try from 10pm onwards
  • staple Hill car park recently open. Top end of Corfe about two miles up from the race course, cross roads turn left drive 2miles and its signed as car park and picnic area getting very busy more so in the evenings between 9pm and 10pm but lots of areas around for playing

Dogging Locations in Sub-Hamdom

  • just outside stoke Sub-Hamdon on the B356 Crewkerne road (B3165) there a little clearing on the right just off the road as you drive towards Crewkerne, there’s a little barn at the bottom, great for dogging at anytime apart from Sunday mornings when they use it for clay shooting.

Togg Hill car park

  • Best on a Thursday or Sat evening about 10ish

Dogging Locations in Toghill

  • large picnic area with lots of single men looking for couples. sexy lady loves to perform for her husband, some sat evenings. gorgeous boobs..

Dogging Locations in Wells

  • Industrial estate on Wookey Hole road opposite Thales site. go right to the top of hill into a compound on the left.

Dogging Locations in West Coker

  • park in font lane west Coker for big cock fun ladies and couples Monday nights

Dogging Locations in WESTON

  • Along the Beach mainly weekends after clubs Kick out. Good actions goes on in the sand along the (burnt) Pier

Dogging Locations in Yeovil

two towers lane up by the showground pull ins all along the road