Dogging Locations in Cobham

  • Head up the A3 North bound from the M25. Take the first exit, signposted Cobham. Turn right at the roundabout and into the village. Bear left at the next roundabout and continue along this road. Pass a large restaurant on the left and a little way past a bus stop, turn left into the American School. Follow this road around and before you pass over the A3, turn right into a car-park with height restriction.
  • The common car-parks on the drive to the American School above Cobham.

Dogging Locations in Croydon

  • The south car-park at Shirley Hills just outside Croydon. Particularly good dogging action in the summer.

Dogging Locations in Esher

  • Car-park on Esher Common. Leave the A3 at the Esher/Leatherhead turn (A244) and go towards Esher. After about two hundred yards there is an entrance on the left to a secluded car-park. The entrance is easy to miss but there is a place to turn round about a quarter of a mile further on.

Dogging Locations in Godstone

  • National Trust Woodland car-park, Tilburstow Hill, near Godstone. Late night dogging action.

Dogging Locations in Guildford

  • On the A31 (Guildford to Farnham), there is a large lay-by with access to bushes and fields – the Hog’s Back on the Surrey Hills.

Dogging Locations in Kingston

  • Ham House car-park, between Richmond and Kingston. Opposite Richmond Park and between the Ham Gate entrance to the park and Petersham is a road called Sandy Lane. It ends in a ‘T’ junction. Turn right and just keep going until you are in the car-park.

Dogging Locations in Surbiton

  • Woodstock Lane South in the entrance drive of Surbiton Golf Club. A huge amount of dogging action going on mainly Saturdays and Wednesdays.

Dogging Locations in Wisley

  • Behind the Cafe, beyond the lakes, in the car-park towards Effingham – dogging action everywhere!

Dogging Locations in Banstead

  • Holly lane car park very secluded good late night action
  • Car park

Dogging Locations in Blackwater

  • Yatley Common, Picnic areas. Gets active around 9 pm. Some gays and TV’s, but often a few couples play and show here. Big dark car parks and discreet hideaways around the wooded areas. Worth a try! Good Luck!
  • Just as you come out of Blackwater, pass the petrol garage on the right hand side going up the a30 towards Hartley Witney, turn second left at the roundabout passed the garage, right at the mini roundabout , up the track to a car park on the common. worth a look!

Dogging Locations in Boxhill

  • Couples dogging in the various car parks in Boxhill. Many Great secluded car parks for loads of action in Boxhill.

Dogging Locations in Camberley

  • the nature reserve off the A331 behind Sainsbury’s garage, Watchmore park

Dogging Locations in Carshalton

  • Rose Hill Co-op [out of hours]close to Rose Hill roundabout. lighst never work and the gate from Wrythe lane is never locked .

Dogging Locations in Croydon

  • rear car park of ashburton park in addiscombe

Dogging Locations in Dorking

  • A24 between Leatherhead and Dorking. Pass through the roundabout at Burford Bridge. About 300 yards on the left a small car park.
  • Lodge farm, Lodge lane great spot loads of quiet lanes no surprises from boys in blue

Dogging Locations in Epsom

  • Epsom Downs. Toilet and surrounding woods are usually good for fun. No particular time of the day.

Dogging Locations in Godalming

  • woods very discrete
  • godalming: rodbourough common car park!! new but up and coming.. evenings just before you join a3 coming out of godalming heading south.. young guys!!

Dogging Locations in Hogs Back

  • Big Ly-by been used for dogging for over 50 years now.

Dogging Locations in Horley

  • The Old six bells car park. Quiet and nice.

Dogging Locations in Leatherhead

  • As you go towards Cobham from the Leatherhead station there is a T junction on Randalls road. by the traffic lights there is a ramblers walk way to enclosed fields (with trees and hedges).

Dogging Locations in Merstham

  • Battlebridge lane, the small car park behind the athletics track.

Dogging Locations in Cobham

  • from m25 leave at junction 10 follow signs for Guildford as u pass a lay-by signed H,G.V only take the first left and then the first left into large car park lots of action

Dogging Locations in shere

  • Newlands corner is in-between Guildford and Shere, as you head towards Shere from Guildford, there is a resting place where you can stop and get food and drink, people also go up there in the day to walk their dogs….but at night its used for something entirely different and filled with woodlands surrounding the area…check it out : )

Dogging Locations in Oaks Park

  • On Woodmansterne Road. although in a middle class location, all the posh couples are up for it, especially at about 10pm on Fridays, at the south end. watch out for the gypsies, they can get quite violent
  • has two car parks either end really action day or night

Dogging Locations in Ockham

  • this is a common which people walk in during the day. you take the A3 south bound of of the big roundabout that gives access to the M25 and the turning is on the slip road just after a lay by the car park is immediately on your left.
  • Come out of old cruise area at cafe, and go to end of road there is a pub at cross roads take left turn and head along lane towards Leathehead. A few lay bys right and left some quiet dead ends and deserted buildings.

Dogging Locations in Odiham

  • On the road from Odiham to Farnham, large layby, aways action as soon as it gets dark, trick is not to be afraid to get out of your car and approach another, best if you bi-sexual if you want to join in!

Dogging Locations in Old Coulsdon

  • there is a pub called The Fox of Coulsdon round but behind it there is a big car park that people in their lots. Great for couples that light to start off.

Dogging Locations in Puttenham common

  • Puttenham common top car park, with loads of heathlands and a nice view

Dogging Locations in Richmond

  • River road leads down to the Thames very dimly lit road fields on either side summer evening couples get out and into fields

Dogging Locations in surrey

  • bottom car park action

Dogging Locations in Shirley Hills

  • At the southern end of Shirley Hills Road is a small road leading to Addington Hills. About a hundred metres down are 2 car parks. The right one is used mainly by gay men, and the left hand one by straights.

Dogging Locations in Chobham

  • the top car park is best all day & night it over looks the m3 but it has some discrete places to go

Dogging Locations in Surrey

  • Awesome semi indoor dogging site because of car sites under a building on stilts so you can dog whatever the weather – amazing!!!!

Dogging Locations in Esher

  • Good dogging site

Dogging Locations in Wisley

  • Too many pushy, smelly men have put the couples off so a waste of time. Also problems with ‘yoofs’ harassing gays late at night.

Dogging Locations in Woldingham

  • Take the B269 from Tatsfield/Westerham heading in the Croydon direction and turn left in to the Ridge now heading towards Woldingham. There is a secluded car park on the left that over looks the motorway. Not know that well yet, but there is some action late at night.